Residential Building

No level of marketing can get you sales as much as an exclusively designed project. Let us lay hands on your upcoming residential or redevelopment projects to experience design exclusivity.

Commercial Building

Office buildings today need a little more sensitive design approach. They are often seen covered in plain typical glass facade; workplaces could be vibrant, designed with nature, and aesthetically appealing with bold design features.


Most important aspect of a Mall is its business. When we Plan a mall, we make sure that the public movement is effective enough to generate business for all the retails inside.


Real comfort and peace, is what makes a hotel experience memorable. We design eye-soothing vacation-feel hotel ambience right from its entrance to every corner of your property.

Bungalow Project: 2nd home

Let your second home make you feel welcomed when you drive in. We design your Bungalow as per your taste of vacation feels, enabling you to feel serene at all times!

Educational Projects

Often seen too functional. As an Architect, we design breathing spaces in educational buildings and campus, in forms of break-out spaces like amphitheaters, bonding circles, etc. where educational activities take place with a different experience.

Factory Buildings

Where functionality is of prime importance, we sit with our clients for detailed discussion on every aspect, to understand every movement, entire process, to be able to plan and design well, internally and externally.

Warehousing Complex

While designing warehousing complexes we make sure that every unit gets comfortable loading unloading movement 24/7 round the year, keeping it absolutely functional.

Work Flow Process

  • Kick Off meet On site : Understanding Client’s requirement and Brief.
  • Optional floor plan that consumes the entire FSI.
  • Podiums and basement feasibility is worked out with regards to parking requirements.
  • Master layout of plot & Sales plan is freezed.
  • Finalization of Building Elevations & 3d design.
  • Finalization of GFC drawings in coordination with structural, mep consultants, etc. involved in project.
  • Releasing GFC drawings for construction on site and Slab checks on site.
  • Material selection of facade exteriors and interiors including sanitary fittings, electrical fittings, automation, etc. as required.
  • Designing interiors of show flats, sample flats, show offices, amenities, etc. with material selection on site.
  • Final handover of Project documents with as-built drawings

Architectural Designing & Planning Services

Alpha Design intends to cater all states with regards to architectural design and planning services pertaining to designing of Mall, Hotels, Residential and Commercial Buildings, Factories, Warehouses, Bungalow schemes, Educational Institutes, Hospitals and Town Planning projects.
Our conceptual designing of any plot is done by aesthetically reviewing its dynamics, vicinity, and client's desires. In the space plans, we establish the architectural vision and necessities of design, making sure we optimize our Project with consideration to efficiency.

Project Management Services

Architecture as a vast subject, a supervision-ary eye for detail is a must for the project to rise as desired. We, at Project Management Consultancy, scrutinize each and every detail of the project, off & on-site, helping in better coordination and in tying up all loose ends of the project, resulting in successful completion within desired time-frame!

Fostering Life Long Client Relationships Is At The Core Of Our Philosophy, And Building That Relationship Hinges On The Consistent Delivery Of Value, Architectural Design, Quality Construction, And Trusted Client Service.

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